Libby Blair

Your Perfect Babysitter

Whether you need a date night, after school help, have an unexpected meeting come up, or simply need some quiet time for can count on me to be your perfect babysitter!

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How it Works Is Super Simple

The whole process consists of 4 easy steps


Request Form

Tell me about your needs for babysitting along with other general information.


House Visit

I’ll review the contact form and schedule a time to meet you and your children.



Let me know the time and date(s) that you’ll need my babysitting services.



I’ll confirm my availability, and if unavailable, I’ll contact one of my friends on your behalf.

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Everyone Loves Libby

  • Libby is experienced far beyond her age. She is our most reliable babysitter and the one my children prefer. My little boy (2 yr old) tells me I can leave as soon as Libby arrives, and happily says bye-bye. He usually cries when I leave him with others. She plays with the kids, does art projects, science experiments and baking. We would definitely recommend Libby to any family looking for a reliable and engaging Babysitter.

    - Katie Centollella

  • Libby has babysat our 2 children (8 and 5) and they loved her! She is sweet, responsible, fun, energetic and really connected with my kids. I would definitely recommend her as a babysitter!!

    - Dr Manika Suryadevara


The Power of a Promise

I was raised to honor my commitments, therefore you can expect me to honor these seven promises

I Promise to be...

P unctual

E nthusiastic

R eliable

F un

E xtra Mile

C onsiderate

T rustworthy

I want to be Your Perfect Babysitter and honoring these seven promises is my commitment to you and your family.

My Big Goal

I'm saving all of my money for a bright yellow punch buggy!


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Your Perfect Babysitter

Your Perfect Babysitter

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